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Coastal paradise Istrien - green and Mediterranean

The nicest views for your pure rest: Olive oil, white truffle and wine. On the Adriatic half island Istrien is always high-level season. Southern atmosphere, crystal clear seas, pine woods, rose smell and mild climate also in winter − the nicest symbiosis for your stay Promoted team under the holiday's domiciles is unambiguously Istrien, not least because of his first-class developed motorways and highways. It is the nearness to Italy, Austria and Germany it counts: wonderful old, exceedingly clean towns, the picturesque scenery, cultivated beaches accessible onefreely everywhere and the considerations of quite a lot of buyers that Croatia EU− memberis. All big names like Porsche, BMW, Aldi are already represented etc.

Residence Bella Vista

Unique situation in the historical Old Town of Kastav−Opatia

Ideally: only 20 minutes to the airport ⁄Krk. 10 minutes to the international port of Rieka, only 1 hour after Trieste and only two hours drive up to the Austrian borde.

Holidays in own residence belong to the highlights which fascinates above all families with children where two generations, brothers and sisters or a circle of friends have a lot of place to enjoy the dream from "laisse fairly": together cook, bicycle excursions undertake which explore marvellous scenery, concerts under star sky experience. Everywhere free, free access to the sea is guaranteed by state!

The nicest views fo rupre relaxation: These are their box place with sea look on the hill in Kastav, only few Car minutes to the elegant Riviera promenade, lined by restaurants, cafés and bars. The panoramic look over the sea is unique and searches his equals!

fantastic look at Opatija and the Kvarner bay.

In unique, irreparable situation, on a 6.000m² big park property, with Neighbouring road invested a new, only for the inhabitants of the Residence, classical, elegant flats and a villa, with European level originate in five architecturally variable houses:

  • Chimmey connection
  • Under−floor heating
  • electric shutters
  • all houses completely builds with a cellar
  • Brick constructions

The energy identity card is in preparation

House view − entrance

Hosues view − south side

Generous balconies and terraces

South side

The modern, kitchen, are just inserted!

Purchase price example, house
Flat No. 1, purchase price 230.000,00 €
The Ec approx. 88,43m², roofed terrace
Flat No. 2 purchase price 236,000.00 €
1.Og approx. 91,36m², roofed terrace

Flat No. 3. Purchase price 233,000.00€
2. Og approx., 89,49m² 2 terraces.

In the purchase price are included flat a cellar compartment, 2 car parking spaces.

The connection fees for stream−⁄ water, horticultural formed outside arrangements, energy identity card and private road

Buyers from abroad receive an arrival bonus of € 1,000.00 after signing the notarised deed of purchase.

When special service and in the respective purchase price contain, we offer you a on-site network:

  • Communication, incl. telephone calls and faxes
  • in German speaking architect, master builder and notary public
  • Company to authorities and bank talks
  • Organisation of Hotel accommodations

Istrien and his rich hinterland in wood are and remain an unforgettable experience!

We offer to you the estate on the basis of our terms of business which are called in our terms of business. The acquisition is free of commission for the buyer!

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